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Zyppah Review



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The Zyppah (pronounced Zee-Pah) is one of the most exciting new options available on the market today designed specifically to help people stop snoring once and for all and there is a reason (well, a bunch of reasons, really) why so many are writing glowingly positive Zyppah reviews.

The Zyppah is game changing solution across the board, and just might be the thing you’re looking for to make sure that you never have to worry about snoring (or the negative side effects it causes) ever again.

The Zyppah is a hybrid device, meaning that it is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) and Tongue Retaining Device (TRD) all in one. Looking a lot like a traditional mouth guard you’d find across all major sports, this device provides instant relief for those looking to curb snoring in a single night.

Like other MAD anti snore devices on the market, the device holds the jaw forward to ensure that the airway is clear. On top of this, the device also stabilizes the tongue also. You could almost say it is 2 devices wrapped up into one.

One item to keep in mind is that there are 4 different versions of the Zyppah. This Zyppah review is concentrating on the device that can be ordered online without the need for a prescription. There are 3 other versions of Zyppah which are much more expensive, and they need to be prescribed and custom fitted by a doctor.

Specs at a Glance

  • A Hybrid device that utilizes two different designs to hold your jaw forward and tongue stabilized.
  • FDA Approved
  • 90-Day money back guarantee
  • A Rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Made with BPA free material
  • Designed by a dentist
  • Device is made in the USA

How does the Zyppah work?

Basically, the Zyppah works in 2 different ways.

Firstly, the Zyppah stabilizes the tongue. Since the tongue is a muscle, it relaxes when you are asleep. Unlike the Good Morning Snore Solution, which uses suction bulb like technology to stabilize the tongue, the device has a soft elastic strap that prevents the tongue from collapsing into the back of the throat and opens the airway while you are sleeping. Personally I found the strap to be much more comfortable than it sounds.Zyppah

Secondly, it advances the lower jaw forward in order to create more room in the airway. This solves one of the major causes of snoring in the vibration of loose tissues whilst you are sleeping

The Zyppah also has a breathing hole at the front of the device, which can be a godsend if you have a blocked nose, or are a mouth breather when you are sleeping. Honestly, it is like they created a device with everything in mind.

How to Use Zyppah

They have designed the device as a boil and bite stop snoring mouthpiece, so you get a custom fit to your mouth.

Step 1:  Place the Zyppah in near boiling water (200° F) for 30 seconds

Step 2: Place the device in your mouth.  Press the Zyppah on your lower teeth first, bring your mouth forward and then bite into it.

Step 3: Place the Zyppah under cool water which will permanently set it for a perfect fit.

I strongly suggest that you watch this video on how to custom fit the Zyppah:

Cleaning the Zyppah

Cleaning the Zyppah is easy.

Simply use cold water and a denture cleaning solution from your local pharmacy.

Clinical Studies

Unfortunately, there are no clinical studies found for the Zyppah.

The official website does say that their product is recommended by doctors, however I could not find a source for this claim.

In saying this, from my perspective – the fact that this is 1 of 4 types of Zyppah, and the other are prescribed by doctors tells me that there is probably some truth in the claim. Since it is backed by a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Is Zyppah FDA Approved?

Yes Zyppah is FDA cleared.

FDA Approved

Company Details

Dr Greenburg
The Zyppah’s intuitive design was pioneered by legendary medical professional Dr. Johnathan Greenburg, a man that spent more than 30 years in the world of dentistry and bioengineering looking for the ultimate way to stop snoring. Rumor has it that he may have been giving a bit of a “shot in the arm” to develop the device from his wife, who may (or may not) have had enough of HIM snoring all the time!

Zyppah has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, and have been accredited since 11/07/2013.

Zyppah is affiliated with five Snore Expert centers which specialize in snoring and sleep apnea.

There were a couple of complaints when searching on the BBB site. The majority of them are regarding refunds, however the company have been swift to assist the customer, which is a very good sign.

From my point of view – Zyppah is a trustworthy company.


  • The device is a MAD and a TRD all in one which provides an effective solution to stop snoring
  • The device is small and light so reduces the impact on the muscles in your mouth
  • Designed by a dentist who runs Snore Experts who specializes in snoring and sleep apnea
  • The product is made right here in the US of A at FDA Certified Labs
  • The device is 100% BPA Free and only produced from the finest construction materials
  • The precision fit process allows you to completely customize your Zyppah for the best results possible
  • You are protected by a full 90 Day Money Back Guarantee (with no questions asked
  • The device is very easy to clean as the design is very simple
  • The airflow hole allows you to breath easy while you are sleeping

Any Improvements?

  • The device needs to be custom fitted.  Sure – I listed this as a pro, but that is because when you custom fit this – you get the perfect fit to your mouth.  However some people may not want to custom fit a device.
  • Cannot be worn by people with loose teeth, crowns, dentures or bridge work.
  • As with all new mouthpieces, some people will experience drooling and mild tenderness in the mouth, jaws and teeth as your mouth gets used to the device.  Similar to breaking in a new pair of shoes.
  • The device does not contain the finer adjustments that other devices like the VitalSleep provides, however the fit for me was comfortable and the bite and boil technology provided me with a great fit.
  • The device is not the cheapest stop snoring mouthpiece on the market.  In saying that – it is extremely good value as the product is fantastic
  • The device is not for people suffering from Sleep Apnea.  If you think you may have sleep apnea, see a doctor to work on a plan that is best for you.

What is Being Said Online about Zyppah

In my searching online, the vast majority of Zyppah reviews that I found were overwhelmingly positive.

I did find those complaints on the BBB site, however they were dealt with very swiftly by the Zyppah team.

The Official site has many testimonials, visit here to read them

There are a many testimonials and reviews about Zyppah on the official website.  Click Here to read them.

My Experience with Zyppah

Personally, I purchased a double pack as this represented the best value. Normally the Zyppah snoring solution is $89, however you can pick up the double pack for $149.95.

The devices arrived fairly swiftly, well packaged. When I opened the package – you could immediately see the build quality of this device.

The Zyppah has a specialized fitting process, which i mentioned and explained earlier in this Zyppah review. I followed the video that I have linked to above and it was very straightforward, and I got a perfect and comfortable fit straight away. I once again stress to watch the video before fitting.

I really love that they put a breathe hole in the device. when I first tried it I had a blocked nose, so having a hole to breath through my mouth was a godsend.

I went to bed and set my SnoreLab app to monitor my sleep. When I woke I felt fresh and energized and ready to tackle the day. I checked SnoreLab, and there was no snoring all night! My wife was very happy also – because she slept through the night!

There was slight soreness around my jaw and tongue, however it was nothing that I couldn’t handle. however I was expecting that before getting the device, as this is consistent across all mouthpieces.

After waking up from the second night, the soreness was greatly diminished, almost non existent. I felt fresh and energized again, and SnoreLabs confirmed what I could feel – no snoring.

I tested over a 2 week period – and there was no reports of snoring on SnoreLabs. After the third night, no muscle soreness at all.

How much does the Zyppah Cost?

As I mentioned earlier – the Zyppah is not the cheapest mouthpiece on the market. for a single device it costs $89.95, and this includes free shipping which was delivered to me quite quickly. Personally, I found the double pack to be better value at $149.95 as this means that you roughly 2 years of use.

From time to time, we receive special offers for Zyppah.  As soon as we are given the specials, we update our Zyppah coupon code page

Final Thoughts

The Zyppah RX is a great stop snoring mouthpiece. The device has clearly been well thought out and designed. Zyppah is designed by a dentist with years of experience in the field, and that shows with a great and effective device.

Whilst it may be aGood Morning Snore Solution - Highly Recommended tad pricey, it is worth every penny in my opinion.

For me, the device was very comfortable, and the muscle soreness in my mouth and tongue only lasted the first few nights.

My snoring totally vanished after using this device, and highly recommend it.